Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Baby's Revenge

Such is my level of annoyance when Hazel lays all over the babies, smothers them and pokes them in the face that when I see that slow fat little hand find a lock of Hazels hair I just think, "Pull baby! Let Hazel learn a lesson. Pull as hard as you can!" I shouldn't feel so much joy about this but it is sort of like mommy's revenge too.

Monday, October 3, 2011

How Did This Happen?

A few years ago, there wasn't a whisper of children on the horizon and now look at me! I can swim for days in exclusively pink and blue loads of laundry. How did we get all this stuff?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

You Can Totally Do This!

My friend Sylvia tests out life as a triplets mom! You can do it!

 P.S. If you have a friend having multiples, please have them read this blog, I wish I could have found something like this before we had babies. I found blogs for multiples, but they didn't show how they did it.

Makin' Honey In the Front Room

Usually the first Saturday and Sunday in October and April are special in the "Mormon"ing World. We call it General Conference weekend and we gather around our TV, radios or computers to hear our prophet and leaders of the church speak. We listen, cry, laugh and really enjoy these bone dry sessions of teaching. I love them and look forward to them every year. Talks I enjoyed this time were about Jesus, about standing up for the right, there was one talk about fathers/daughters I loved and a talk by Elder Scott that I loved as well.

Here is the funny thing. N8 decided Saturday was the day. So he went to our hives and smoked out the bees, bringing home a few frames. He spread a sheet in the front room, pulled in the extractor machine and started going at it. So the next few pictures you will see N8 extracting honey in the front room to the tune of General Conference on the radio and babies grousing in the background.

We thought we had enough on our plate this year with the babies, but amazingly we have been able to pull off crazy great things. Paint the entire house, have stomach surgery and extract honey being a few of them. Sometimes N8 and I get this crazy urge to do something normal through all this even though we are knee deep in spit up and nappies. It scares me spitless sometimes the things we have pulled off with these little ones. But I like to think, 'Here is what we've got, let's own it!'

N8 told me he was gonna use a tarp, not an old sheet! Maybe I should have posted pics of the clean-up. You can also see our bus of a stroller in the background and where we keep all the baby gear, sort of cluttery, but it won't be there forever
This is a look inside the extractor. Three frames go inside and you spin it with the knob on top, sort of tough work

These Are Photos of Last Years Honey Extraction

Adrian Hinton cuts the caps off the honey frames with a hot knife, the bees cap the frames once they are finished filling them with honey, we have 2 hives and really enjoy our happy bees. Our children have not been stung, yet
After the caps are cut, we put 3 frames in the extractor and spin it with our own muscle, then we open the drain and let the liquid gold pour out, Beckett and other neighbor kids helped out, we have the best neighborhood!

I am using a different type of hot knife to cut caps off, this is a messy job

We pulled this out of the hive with perfect timing, the bees hadn't capped it yet but it was full of honey

I was 4 weeks along with the babies at this time but I didn't know there were 3, I look a little tired in this don't I?

Adrian and Linda spinning the honey, the air was thick with bees everywhere, as soon as you start spinning the extractor, bees smell it and come from miles around. Surprisingly, no one was stung. We did this while Hazel and CC were napping. When they woke, I sat them on the swing and told them not to move a muscle, and they were mesmerized. They didn't move. Thanks to Georgia who remembers to bring her camera. The next time we did this, we extracted inside, there were just too many bees for my taste.

I Wonder About This...

Do you know how much joy a new baby brings? How much you just want to sit there admiring and adoring it? How it makes your heart just want to burst for all the baby's miniature cuteness?

Well, can you imagine how much Nathan and I just stand in awe of this experience? If one baby brings joy, imagine how huge and swollen our little hearts are to have three distinct, wonderful little babes at the same time?

Half the time I am wondering how on earth are we gonna pull this off and the rest of the time I am thinking how on earth are we making it?

How on earth did I get to be so lucky?
Quinn and James

The girls wanted me to post this picture, but there are too many unanswered questions about it for me to take any of the credit, so I give all credit to Hazel and CC. What are CCs hands doing? Why does Hazel have a bandaid on her cheek? What is Quinn reaching for? Why does Hazel have a fork in her hand? What is Wilson looking at? And in the middle of all this, James is blowing bubbles with his mouth. Weird.

Not a Dignitary but it is Precious Cargo

We haven't gotten our limo registered, the problem is the original owners claim to have sent the bill of sale but we don't have it. I have called him several times and asked for him to send it/fax it. He tells me every time that he will, but so far no fuzzy dice can hang from the mirror. We can't register the durn thing without the paperwork.

So in the mean time, I have had this car for a month and I haven't been able to drive it too much. I will tell you this. When we have taken the girls for a spin, people driving by try peering into the windows as though there is some sort of minor dignitary or washed up celebrity in there. There is no dignitary in there, but the cargo in there is precious!

Lets start a petition for the limo. Send bill of sale buddy.