Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Odds and Ends

Sleeping out the night of Christmas, Hazel and CC got new sleeping bags and wanted to test them out. I made Christmas pillowcases with little pockets a few years ago and put little gifts in the pockets of their pillows for the 12 days of Christmas. Hazels fav gift: magnifying glass CCs fav gift: Plum pudding doll from Strawberry Shortcake series
I put little trinkets like this watch under the girls pillows for the 12 days of Christmas. I also put notes, telling them what I love about them or offering a special date with mom or dad. It's what my mom used to do for me. I used to look forward to the notes she put that said, I will braid your hair today or we will go on a special date today

My own philosophy, pack that g-house with as much candy as possible, who cares what it looks like, it's candy it will be delicious

Aunt Sidnee and Haza

We love cousins, Aunt Tiffany with Jaxon on lap and Tanner  in orange

Hazel with her artistic precision

CC asked me to take a picture, she is eating lunch on a bucket of honey.  They love this picture because Hazels face in the background is totally unintentional

My mom feeding babies, James 9months- 2-3 teeth,  can crawl but would rather use rolling as primary method of transportation. Adventure roller, gets into some tight spots, angriest eater- feed me NOW, eats the most, chokes on food  easily, rakes up objects- doesn't put them in mouth yet, seems to be a bit of a serious guy, very vocal, sensitive to family squabbles, wakes up often at night, ease of diapering-3

Baby Serum* seems to be working, Wil is the babiest of all the babies,  loves being held,  just began holding his own bottle,  no teeth to speak of, rolls with good control, gets up on knees-rocks a bit, mostly sleeping through the night, Ease of diapering score 9, super mellow
*N8 and I have decided to feed Wil a special serum that keeps him a baby forever, he is so delightful

Grandparents are such a wonderful blessing
Quinn, 9 months, 6 teeth, can drink her own bottle, one handed if she wants, flips over to tummy for deeper sleeping, counts to 10 in Spanish, reads at a 3rd grade level, can change lightbulbs without a ladder, (is anyone really reading all this?) grasps objects with pointer and thumb, feeds self, babbles, would sleep thru the night if brothers did, ease of diapering score 0

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Idea That Didn't Work

When I asked Nathan to remove the table legs so we could eat Japanese style, I really thought it would work. We usually have a few babies to hold while eating, or we can put them on the floor so I figured, at least we can be all together on the floor. He did it, only because I had gained credibility as an "out of the box thinker" with the crazy limo idea, but when Quinn crawled across the table to attack Hazels bowl of soup, we knew it was a no-go. Legs back on. How do the Japanese keep their babies off the table?

Christmas Carnage

This is a Where's Waldo of babies, can you spot them all?

Quinn was crazy happy with all the carnage scattered about. Wrapping paper, toy pieces and family members to chew on. As for me, Nathan took advantage of the Christmas season to buy me gluten free treats I normally deny myself as they are too pricey for my blood. I have glutted enough on them -gluten free licorice, salt and vinegar chips, specialty chocolates, gluten free brownies and a chocolate orange. I had to put what I didn't eat in the freezer so I don't lose myself control, if I want it bad enough, I will break a tooth on it. Let's hope the next shot of me I post, I still have a full set.

Wils (yes, he is a boy) looking like the venerable Abe Lincoln with a mash potato beard. Sorry about the pink jammies kid, at least they are clean

What Do I Call This?

A few years ago, I found these silver goblets at a thrift store and got them for Christmas. I have had them on display in the dining room, and you have never noticed because they are so tarnished. I finally bought silver cream and find it therapeutic to clean one or two as I have free time.

In our family, we have a tradition of being storytellers. We love to make up stories and tell them to the girls. When Hazel and CC saw me cleaning these, they asked where I had found the buried treasure. So I gotta come up with a real doozy of a pirate treasure story featuring MYSELF as the heroine (A little positive campaigning never hurts, Hooray for Moms!) for the girls to enjoy. Working on it...