Sunday, October 7, 2012

Family News

What we are doing and what I wish we are doing are often different.

Jewel colored jars of bottled fruit and veggies lining our shelves, days spent in the sun picking fruit and soaking up the last of the warmth. That's all a dream for maybe 2 years away. Here's what we are really up to.

The outdoors have been calling to me, I haven't seen a fall so beautiful and brightly colored since I lived in Montreal. I really enjoy being outside and especially in nature. Last year, the babies were newborns and cramping my outdoor lovin' style.  This year, we have taken a few trips up the mountain to parks but it's just a sip and I want more. It really will have to wait until everyone can walk holding hands. They all seem to scatter as soon as we get out of the car. Don't climb over that ledge! Don't push your sister over that ledge! You're too close to that ledge! Is anyone listening to me?

I decided we were going to go do something fun and be gone all day, we had enough gas, diapers, snacks, sippies and money for more food. Our trip lasted 2 and a half hours. We visited Chalk the Block at the Riverwoods, enjoyed every second of it, even when Nate told me I should go buy something cute for myself, but I couldn't find anything I loved. Ate pizza at Malawis then played in the water fountain. OK, now onto nature, but apparently limos don't like climbing for hours up mountains, who knew? Isn't that where all limo driving mobsters dump the dead bodies? You would think they would give me a heads up. It started sounding rough so we backed out and got home in time for naps. Maybe I will try later in the week without Nate, one less persons weight...

I am singing a new tune. I mentioned in an earlier post, I wasn't going to send the girls to preschool.  The school district had an opening for a preschool that buses its students. I couldn't resist. Even if Hazel thinks it's just play time. They get stories and do crafts, play dress up and come home to me, proud and happy with pictures of painted cats and superheros for my fridge art collection. In turn, I spend time teaching the babies and they get a good solid nap in the mornings. In the afternoon, I try to make up a homework page for the girls to work on. We all love our special time together. I never thought I would say this but I was born to be a school mom! The routine, the schedule, the planning. Get up early, help girls get ready, beds made, clothes on, hair brushed, breakfast, lil girls scripture reading/prayer, hugs and kisses and out the door! On to the babies, diapers, bottles, breakfast, dress, play, nap etc, now I get ready, make lunch and then the girls are home. I feel like our quality of life has improved and I am grateful for the kind blessing.

The babies are 18 months old and refuse to be spoonfed. To their joy and my horror they even refuse to let me feed them oatmeal, yogurt or cereal. We usually need to evacuate to a hotel for the day so I can clean up the kitchen mess from the food flinging feed each other and while you're at it, pull each others' hair events. 

Quinn is a great walker. She is super pleasant, happy just to pal around and rummage through Hazel and CCs stuff for purses, shiny shoes and necklaces. She brings them to me with her hand out. I put them on. She walks away and can be heard woo-wooing herself all the way down the hall. She is my most faithful mimic, a true little mother.

James, James there is no honor amoung theives. He is the toy stealer. If you are interested in what you have, so is James. Teaching 3 babies to share is not for the faint of heart. Favorite toys: my rice cooker, pots and pans and tupperware.

Wilson prefers crawling. Well, he can take up to 4 steps but he's happy to crawl.  It took CC 19 months before she walked, maybe they are cut from the same cloth. In other news, he can carry a tune and I can tell what song he is singing, like CC he memorizes songs easily and I hear him singing along with Disney music or the stop and go toy bus. Quite remarkable. Loves to play with balls and drive toy cars.

How am I doing? I have entered into a season of joy. I am tremendously blessed.  I have peace in my heart and I am a peace loving creature. My anxieties have been quiet for some time or I have learned better to deal with them. I have wonderful friends that give me opportunities to get out and play, my children have friends to play with, my husband is a kind and supportive companion. We feel connected and engaged in our life. Is this what life was like before the triplets and I am just waking up to it?

My sweet neighbor just gave birth to twin boys and it gives me no end of joy to sneak over during the day while babies nap or at night when everyone is down. I can't get enough of those little guys. And seeing her go through what I did just a year ago reminds me how quickly it all changes and how good it gets.

Speaking of how good it gets, I often wish I could go back home to my parent house for a day. Knowing what I do now. Three sisters all teenagers sharing the same bathroom, 
singing along with the radio, grabbing for the curling iron, and trading places to use the sink. I just wish I could relive it for a day. It all changed so fast and I never realize how much I enjoyed it.