Sunday, August 12, 2012

Choo-Choo on the Go

We are so excited about our choo-choo wagon. In order to agree to this purchase, Nathan who feels hampered by belongings and hates "stuff" and probably would like to sleep on a hard wooden board every night with no blankets at all, had me get rid of the same "bulk and amount" as the cost of the wagon. Give it away, sell it, he didn't care- his poor little ascetic heart just couldn't take on any more stuff. (Thanks to my friend Rachelle Olmos for snapping this shot!)

The babies are not the only ones getting good use out of the choo choo wagon. Our street is rife with wagon teamsters. Early in the morning- the day after I assembled it, sweet innocent smiling faces knocked on my door and asked to borrow the wagon. It rumbled up and down the street for a few days til I finally put a gentle stop to it. Sorry guys.
This girl is positively delightful and serene...
...until you take her out of the swing, sorry Quinny.

Hazel got a sweet little Sunday dress and some kind, loving gifts from her birth mother Momma Jessica. Thank you Jessica. I can't believe how blessed we are to have a life joined with you. We will alway be your cheerleaders. We love you.
Our family travelled to Boise last week for a surprise 80th birthday party for Grand-D. It was a wonderful party and so fun to see how all the families are growing. It was good to see people we love from far away (Aunt Jennifer) and meet new people, like great- great- uncle James who had an enormous long mustache that our James yanked, yipes! (Thanks for your patience.) So nice to finally meet Ruby and sorry we missed the other triplet mom Danni.

Hazel and CC swam from morning til night and could barely crawl up the stairs for bed. As for me, I had vowed to swim the entire time as well. I did my best but it wasn't the entire time.

The triplets and I found a secret garden on a walk one morning and were overjoyed in its exploration! At least I was! I brought Nathan and Annette (sister in law) back to the secret garden the next day to fully explore its winding paths and it ended in a maze! I really enjoyed that little surprise.

We watched our fair share of the Olympics every night til our eyes drooped and we each wandered off to bed wondering if we could have done that if we had gotten started young enough.

I cannot believe school is starting soon. Our neighborhood will be so empty. Everyday, we have children here helping and playing, Melissa, Lucy and Aaron, Marley, Hoggan, Beckett, Gibby, Isaiah, Elise and many others. We are really grateful for the wonderful friends and the parents that have raised such fine children!

N8 and I decided not to send the girls to preschool this year. I sure didn't want to pack up the babies in the car everyday and chase little girls with a hairbrush any sooner than I need too! This last year was umm, difficult. I am determined to make it better for me and for them.  I get another year to try again. I hope I can be more emotionally supportive of them and prepare them to be at school, learning from a teacher and gone from their momma.

I am glad I have one more year with them at home, hairbrush chasing can wait. I want my little girls for one more year.