Sunday, November 24, 2013

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Nathan: Remember when you used to write on your blog every Sunday night?

Ahhh, the good ol' days. Back when it was really easy.

Only I didn't know it and I didn't think so at the time. How do you get on top of things so that the good ol' days are the ones you are living in, and not the ones you look back on?

I think my kids need a new car.  The other day my friend Sylvia overheard Claire say to Hazel in all seriousness, 'Can you imagine someone driving to Boise in a car this small?', she drives a Durango. You mean, where you can't just lay out all over the seat and fall asleep Claire? Yah, millions of kids have to endure such a hardship.

So the time has come to sell the limo, it is old enough that it's probably not worth fixing for us anymore, it still runs fine but the little things are starting to add up. So if you know anyone that wants a limo cheapish, say 3 Grand. Lemme know. She has a few good years left in her and could make some high school kid very, very popular.

Whatever we get is gonna feel like a tin can compared to the limo. I will always and forever miss the privacy screen. Goodbye crying child. Goodbye bickering. We will unroll the window when you have fallen asleep or worked it out together.

I didn't much care for dropping my kids off at school with all the tiny cars tearing around me, trying to cut me off, big limo, tight spaces, tons of cars. Ugg.

So what carries 8 people, a minibus? Maybe.

Vanellope Von Sweetz one of our
 favorite disney characters

Battle zone, overwhelmed, anxiety, constant onslaught, never can sit down, so many to-dos that I find I hide myself in the work, sometimes it's not funny, sometimes nothing is funny, and sometimes the sun shines just right and well, it is. I've come up for air.
Since we started putting everyone on gluten free at our house, and there are tons of gluten free goodies around, I have gained back the hard fought fifteen pounds I lost last spring. Sigh, back to the bottom of the heap again. But I love our new recreation center and I love exercise so I'll figure it out.  Hazel is miserable, she makes no bones about that fact that gf food is not as good as "glutinous" food. Sorry sis. If I only had your discipline in refusing food based on minute scrutiny, subpar texture or slight flavor variations.

Nathan is working on his masters, he will be, for the next few years, taking one class at a time in Community and Economic Development.  He's enjoying this semesters class and I hope he goes on loving it.

Mom and Dad are really moving to Boise, the house they are renting sells on the 14th of December. It is good for them but we will miss them like I can't even say.

I hope your heart can be filled with joy and gratitude this week. I will be focusing on it too. I can say that Heavenly Father does love each of us. He takes an active interest in our lives. I hope you get plenty of time to pray and feel peace. If you don't have the time or presence of mind to pray- pray for just that! I know for myself that it works.

Can someone tell me why I bring a stroller? Right, so I can take the pictures


  1. Yay for getting back to your blog! If I blogged it would be about as consistent as... a thing that is not consistent. You rock for keeping going with it :)

  2. Love the last pic, and the comment that goes with it!

  3. Sherry, I love your blog posts.

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