Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tooting Horns

Yesterday, I pressure canned 60lbs of chicken, primed and painted the boys room including molding, cleaned up the canning and painting messes, put it all away, tidied and did the dishes and I was still less tired than I am on a normal day of being a mom day. Just sayin'.

Thanks to my tireless Nathan for taking full charge of the children and doing a good job of it.
Doing something without interruption is really great for my psyche, I smiled all the way through church today and it was a real smile all they way down to my heart.

Hey! Is this the real me? I like myself! I'm fun and happy! Now how not to lose myself again. Here is what I did this week to help myself out of a funk.

I admitted to a friend I was having a hard time. She listened to me and several days later brought me a most thoughtful, unexpected gift.
I made a list of people to serve and started working on it.
I started taking a watercolor painting class.
I made a list of things I wanted to do around the house and got working on them.
Made a list of things I was looking forward to and started planning.
Got outside.
Did yoga.
Nate gave me big breaks from the kids.
I gave up on potty training James. (That might be the most helpful one!)
Prayed and read the scriptures.

Feeing grateful and humble. Over and out.