Monday, December 19, 2016

Life Without Provo.

I was forgotten. I mean I had forgotten myself. Fair enough. It's been a busy few years. But before then it was a grief stricken few years, before that we were newlyweds and before that we were friends. I was reading a journal entry from 3 years ago, it went something like this.

Me:You haven't forgotten who I am right?You haven't forgotten how I used to be, before, before we had kids right?
Nate: I dunno
Me: You mean that I used to be fun and laugh all the time and carefree? You don't remember me, do you?
Nate: (nervous chuckle) haha, Ohh Sherry, we'll see. (silence).

Ouch. I am back to report improvement. I resurrect this blog to tell you I figured out that it was high time I got out of Provo. I needed to be shaken up. Oh, I miss it alright and I miss friends and stores there everyday. But it's slower here. People don't speed up when you start to cross the road, if you know what I mean. (Yes, you do.)

As a teenager my friend Lillie and I found a quote we liked and for the life of me I can't find it but it goes like this. I've been draw like a moth to a flame to people that were more interesting and wise than I. I stayed close to them, certain that if I hung around them long enough I too, would become like them. Something like that. I have always been fascinated with good wise people. Met tons in Provo, loved 'em all. Maybe it's because we didn't know Twin Falls at all before moving here, it's all so new and starting over refreshes the palette.

I'm super humbled to be here. I have met so many good people since the move. People that easily outshine any goodness I thought I possessed. So I am here to rub up with some fuzzy moth wings and maybe I can fly too. I laugh more here.

This picture is made all the more gruesome because I am smiling. My face and the floor maybe don't need to come in contact for a while.

Singing Carols by Candlelight every Sunday night in December. A tradition taught to us by the Wardell family.