Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Thousand Dollar Carrots

My family came into town a few weeks ago to celebrate my little brother marrying Mikell Brockbank in the Temple. Check out their pictures- they are a ridiculously handsome couple. www.gordongoodlife.blogspot.com

I have been waiting to post this so I can post pics too, but pictures or no pictures, I just need to get this off my chest. 

Our wonderful Grammy Pammy (N8s Mom) offered to drive down from Boise and watch the triplets so we could go to the pre wedding dinner (stay out late and not worry about the babies) and the sealing the next day (and not worry) it was so kind of her. That night, Haz and CC stayed with my sister Natalie at her hotel for some girl time. I haven't heard from Natalie since...

We had a wonderful time. My parents rented a room at a country club in Bountiful the night before the wedding (in LDS culture, we use the term wedding and sealing interchangeably if they are getting married in the Temple.) Mikells' family and friends and our family enjoyed a wonderful time getting to know each other and eating a fabulous dinner. My dad got out his guitar and sang a few songs- some in jest and some about love. I loved being with my sisters, they are some of my best buddies. (Mom, I knew you would appreciate hearing that.)

Do you know, I wonder if I have been able to converse since I have had children. I catch snippets of conversations in between chasing and wiping and I add my two cents but as to sitting down and burying myself in a good conversation, I give it about 4 more years maybe more. I am happy to wait. N8 is fond of saying, There is something about waiting that sharpens the senses.

As my dad was making out the cheque for dinner, Mikells' dad mentioned that all the leftovers would go to waste. Pans of buttery carrots, honeyed ham, turkey, stuffing, salad and fluffy cheesecake couldn't go to waste! So we grabbed some to go boxes and had them piled high with food. We felt like the proletarian, blue collar, wager earners we were, (sorry for the redundant-redundancies) walking out of an elegant country club with our ghetto doggy bags piled high.

I swear the triplets fed on those cut up carrots and ham for about six days. I totally didn't have to cook. What is even better, I didn't have to think of what to cook. I am happy to cook, I just get so tired of thinking up what to make for every meal. Thanks Dad!

Thanks Mikell for marrying Spence. We love you guys so much.
Reception was a blast, everyone loved the triplets in suits and dress. Temple was wonderful and we are especially grateful for Pam and her thoughtful grandma ways- there isn't even a Nordstrom down here anymore and she came anyway.