Sunday, July 29, 2012

Spilled Milk

The world I live in is muddled, although I love it, I am constantly juggling children and tasks and I can rarely break through the fog to finish whole tasks, is there a medicine for that?

If I want to play games with the girls, I have to go downstairs to get the games, going downstairs means I should put in a load of laundry, if I'm going to do the laundry, I need to collect it from each room. So I should separate the darks/lights too. While I'm downstairs, I'll just grab what we need from food storage for dinner and get the meat thawing. The babies will be up soon, so I should get their bottles ready. Okay, done, now I can play...oh sorry the babies are up, be back in a minute.

My day is constantly divided into 'how I can be more efficient' and 'how many things I can get done at once'. I am worried because there are so many interruptions in my thought processes during the day that I believe this is truly how alzheimer's really comes about.

Sometimes, I will be downstairs bringing up laundry and a fleeting thought will cross my mind that has been bothering me for days, something I am trying to catch, something I need to remember to do. I will drop everything to run to the whiteboard in the kitchen and trap it into words. Only to be interrupted by a request to fix a broken toy, read a book or play And within that moment, the fleeting thought is lost and I feel like falling to the ground and crying over my spilled milk. Is this normal?