Sunday, October 9, 2011

Let's Compare

This is our minivan. Roomy? I will now attempt to prove I am not as crazy as you think with a limo purchase.
How does it look? We took our maiden voyage with our good friends and look how much room we had! It is like a second bedroom for our lil' girls in there. Maybe I should bring in a box of toys, scatter some food on the floor and lock all the kids in there! jk. Got guests? Borrow the limo, you don't even have to blow up the air mattress! Note: the babies rear facing in the back. Over head, on the bench where the triplets sit are the controls for the radio, telephone, mood lighting, air conditioning and black n white VCR (oh, yah), there are also controls in the front for the chauffeur, we really haven't figured out all the buttons and jiggers yet.

Look behind Amanda, see the privacy screen is up? A parents dream... In the next shot you will see N8 and Jeffs heads (spitting pistachio shells, chatting up a storm and ignoring whatever is going in the back.)

So I think N8 is coming around to it. The day we got it, I was thrilled, I had been researching and looking forward to it for months! I bought it on eBay and some college students drove it here from Texas. My friend Hannah lived on the road before ours and she saw it coming. She ran to our house, beating the limo. I think she was as excited as I. She ran in the door without bothering to knock. "The Limo is here!" She yelled in between gasping for breath. I Yahooed! and ran out the door. The whole neighborhood was outside. Neighbor kids were starting to climb around inside and Hazel and CC were trying to stake their claim. I was so excited. In the midst of all this, Nathan sat in the house calmly eating his dinner. He didn't even look up from the dinner table when Hannah, Hazel, CC and myself were dancing around cheering and waiting for it to be parked.

He has never been someone that seeks attention, but buddy, you got triplets. You don't go anywhere without people stopping you and talking about your family (I love it!). Nathan, like it or not, you are saddled with attention. For right now, you live in a fishbowl, might as well make the best of it.

Every time we go somewhere he wants to drive it, either he is worried I will crash it or he must like it. I think he decided it wasn't so bad when our friend borrowed it and said he made it through the Wendy's drive thru window in it. What I am trying to say is.. I think he likes it.


  1. Guess what. In ward council we decided next year we're having the neighborhood block party in your car. Don't believe me? Ask Amanda.

  2. I SO want to go for a ride in the limo! I've been telling everyone I know how my friend with the triplets got a limo :) I would love to pick someone up from the airport in it sometime... see if people are searching for a famous face to go with such a fancy ride. I'm thinking the limo was an inspired purchase for sure.

  3. I am picking you up tomorrow night for enrichment, unless you say otherwise. Anyone that wants a ride, call me!

  4. I just saw that you are a new follower on my blog and I had to come check you out. You rock! Now I totally want a limo instead of a minivan.

  5. I noticed, in the minivan they all look so sad (maybe because all they see is grey). But in the limo, big smiles are flashing in every photo. I wonder if the interior color affected their mood. I’m just kidding! It’s the comfort that everyone loves, but yes, the interior added some appeal.

    James Perkins