Friday, July 13, 2012

The Big Stinky: A Smell You Can't Get Out Of Your Nose

I have three babies in diapers. That being said, I want to mention that scented candles are part of my diaper budget.

I don't know how many sets of multiples in diapers there are in our city but I guess we have the stinkiest garbage can in the whole county! This sad can sits out in the blistering sun, sweltering in daytime heat, even as I took this picture I could feel its guts sweating great wafts of rotten yuck.

We call it the Big Stinky because you hold your breath, lift the lid, throw your trash in and run like heck before lid slams down, the smell swallows you whole and you die of asphyxiation. 

When I change the babies and all three of them are stinky, I ask the girls to run the diapers out to the Big Stinky for me. Not even in the beginning did they ever question, they knew instinctively where and what the Big Stinky was. I time them when they do diaper runs to the Big Stink, Hazel can drop a stink bomb in 24 seconds flat and make it back in the house! 

My sweet neighbor, who has lived here longer than I have lived and has taught us more about being a good neighbor than anyone else, washes her can about every 6 months. She also has a garden that is so beautiful she named it Winsong Gardens and I can slip into its shady peace for temporary relief when I need it. 
She says to me of her yard and garden, 'I never had anything this nice when I was a young mother.' I hope she knows how much I value her advice and non-judgment. I hope her compassion extends to the Big Stinky who sits and glares its abhorrent odor at her as she hand waters pots full of beautiful flowers on the other side of the driveway.