Sunday, October 2, 2011

These Are Photos of Last Years Honey Extraction

Adrian Hinton cuts the caps off the honey frames with a hot knife, the bees cap the frames once they are finished filling them with honey, we have 2 hives and really enjoy our happy bees. Our children have not been stung, yet
After the caps are cut, we put 3 frames in the extractor and spin it with our own muscle, then we open the drain and let the liquid gold pour out, Beckett and other neighbor kids helped out, we have the best neighborhood!

I am using a different type of hot knife to cut caps off, this is a messy job

We pulled this out of the hive with perfect timing, the bees hadn't capped it yet but it was full of honey

I was 4 weeks along with the babies at this time but I didn't know there were 3, I look a little tired in this don't I?

Adrian and Linda spinning the honey, the air was thick with bees everywhere, as soon as you start spinning the extractor, bees smell it and come from miles around. Surprisingly, no one was stung. We did this while Hazel and CC were napping. When they woke, I sat them on the swing and told them not to move a muscle, and they were mesmerized. They didn't move. Thanks to Georgia who remembers to bring her camera. The next time we did this, we extracted inside, there were just too many bees for my taste.

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  1. You're welcome. And I saw a great bee documentary last week at BYU. "Queen of the Sun." You oughta try to see it.