Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Donut to Defend

Quinn eats really slow. She keeps her fingers clean and uses the right utensil for the job. The boys are still holding a fork in one hand while scooping breakfast into their mouths with their hands.

One busy day the triplets were eating donuts in their highchairs. James and Wilson scarfed theirs down. I washed them and set them to play. In a stroke of genius, I handed Quinn a spatula to defend herself against the circling shark brothers eager to cash in on a quick duck and grab. I will not make excuses for myself!

This Is Our House

This is the new City Center Provo Temple, it is well under construction. Once it was a historical community hall,  then severely damaged in a fire, the church decided to restore it as a holy temple. We walk by it every few days to check out the diggers and see any new progress. This is our temple. It is built with our love for God and our faith. It is a few blocks from our house. When it opens, before it is dedicated, people can walk thru and visit it. You are welcome to come and stay at our house, we will walk over and tour it together!  Neither Nate or I want to move until we can walk to our temple!

This Quinny is one pleasant grampa loving kind of girl. (Honestly, it is like Hazel, Claire and Quinn are the triplets and my two boys are just... yahoos.) 

Helping with strawberry jam
Least you think it's all tulips and strawberries over here, this is something to ponder on... since the weather is warm and we are not wearing onesies anymore, this duct taping is the pre-nap ritual to assure that no one has to clean up anything nasty after naps and yes, the duct tape goes all around

Raiding Dads closet again. These girls are trouble

Why does everyone have a thing for Quinns pink boots?