Thursday, March 14, 2013


Somehow, over the last few weeks a teenage girl fell into our life and began living with us. I don't know how long she will stay. That depends on a judge and a court case and her father in jail. I wouldn't willingly take just anyone into my home. Heather fits us. I have a soft spot for her and I always have.

She is most recently from Oklahoma and has been to 4 different schools in the last year. I enrolled her in her fifth school of the year, as I made appointments with counselors and teachers to get her caught up, her response was, "Sherry, don't worry about it. I'm always like this." Like what? Behind? "Yah."

I found myself wondering what do thirteen year old girls like? What do we even have to interest her? We have no TV, toys or books for her age group. I didn't have to worry long. She now follows me around the house regaling me with tales of her crush at school.

I took her to the library. We loaded up on books. I believe she is proud of her current accomplishments in book reading.

Heather has always lived with cousins and extended family. Ever since I have known her (when she was a little girl living on our street), she was the babysitter at her house, she was in charge of the siblings and cousins while parents worked or drank. She even potty trained them. She often had to stay home from school to tend young ones.

She is a bit of a misunderstood godless misfit. A girl that looks like she belongs with the other gangster kids but only because that what Walmart's selling for clothes, and that's where cheap clothes are bought. But that isn't who she is one the inside. I see her tough guarded facade when she looks at facebook, I hear her calling people names and smirking about her friends. But that isn't who she is. In our home, she is kind, funny, pensive and playful when she wants to be.

She was overwhelmed with some gifts of body lotion and clothes a neighbor gave her. Others have offered to buy her necessities but she wouldn't even know what to do with all the newness.

Hazel and Claire have gathered her right in as a big sister and loved her. We all do. From what she has told me, she is too defiant to live with relatives anymore. I haven't seen it yet, but I may someday. I offer her my trust and love, hoping she will see a better way of life. It has opened my eyes to my own hypocrisies and wastefulness.

Bless her, she helps me with the babies, does what she is asked and reinforces things I am teaching the girls. I am impressed by her. She is a friend to me.

She sleeps on our couch. There isn't a bedroom for her. I wish there was. Nate and I even talked about buying a new house with more rooms if she was to be here long term. We really don't know her future.