Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thankful for a Beater Limo that Runs Well

I hit a truck in the limo and smashed in the side a little. My pride was totally injured and the truck was fine. A friend was closing the trunk of the limo and broke off the fin. The limo is starting to look so beat up I am devastated. It is one thing to drive a 90's limo because it is the best choice for your family, it is an entirely different thing to drive a ghetto beat up limo. I'm gonna have to figure out how to do something about it. I take pride in my ride, even if it is somewhat unorthodox.

For Thanksgiving, we drove to Boise. On our way through Ogden something sharp hit and gashed the front tire. We pulled into a parking lot on a total flat and called Les Schwab. (We had taken out the spare tire to fit all the luggage. Argh!) It took about an hour and half playing in a parking lot before we got back on the road. It was fun throwing rocks down into the sewer and hearing a delicious plop! Chasing and being chased around the parking lot and singing. Actually, in years to come, it will be a favorite memory of mine. The kids and I- with nothing but time to play. Nate, calling around and working on our tire.
Serving time on the side of the road because we made room for swim gear, a crock pot, extra blankets and winter gear. All my kids are pictured, can you find them?
Doing all he can to keep his temper in check waiting for the man

Fighting the bag of potato chips from CC was one of our favorite past times while waiting for a new tire
 We usually always stay at Grammy and Grumpys while in Boise even though we have several sisters and brothers in the area. Grammy and Grumpy have 3 cribs and 3 highchairs, a stocked pantry and a well maintained hot tub, why stay anywhere else? My sister Leah went out of her way to invite us for Thanksgiving, collecting highchairs and playpens. Her reasoning was that we always leave family functions early to put children to bed and we never get to talk during festivities because we are always chasing babies! So True! Staying at her home was wonderful, late night chats, early morning bottles, yoga and all. We had a marvelous time eating and swimming with all the cousins at the YMCA and then going to the movies. My little sisters Natalie and Amy with their families were in Boise too, it was wonderful to be together. Spencer and Mikell were the absentees this time, even Mom and Dad made it for a little while. While in Boise we also met 2 new nieces and a nephew on Nathans side of the family- so precious. Who knew life could be so sweet?

If you know our family, there are 2 of Amys girls, 1 is Natalies, 1 is Leahs and 2 are mine.  Families are so amazing.  The rat pack of girls cousins all about the same age.
I have been feeling like I need to work on family history. I brought my computer to Boise and spent some time with Amy learning the ropes of She and my mother have been working on our history for a while. As she taught me, I felt like I had scads of ancestors standing around the bed and in the room cheering us on and wanting to be found. Most of the low hanging fruit has been picked in our family history so it will take sometime for me to actually find a real ancestor on my own but I can fumble around in the program for a while on my own and I think I will really enjoy it!

These were the game players, there were also the older cousins, trampoline jumpers and video gamers. And babies of course.
My Dad is retiring in February from the Church Education System. They have been living in Beaumont, Texas for the last six years. They will be moving back to the good old West and we are thrilled to have them closer. We are grateful to have such fine parents in our lives.


  1. Fun post as usual! Glad you had a familyful Thanksgiving. And I still think it's perfect that you drive that limo. It's such a Sherry thing to do. And I mean that in a good way!

  2. good post for fun and enjoyable.and i think its better that you drive the limo.because speed does not good for alltime.

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