Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Regarding Today...

If one more person stiff backs me or jelly legs me while I am trying to change or diaper them, you will find me clinging to the chandelier in the front room when you come over. Kindly check me into the insane asylum, I am grateful for your assistance.


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Something Done Right

I have to applaud to my daughters Hazel and CC,

These are the things that are going well for us as a family right now. Hazel and CC are extremely generous with the babies. They will do anything for them, they are more dotting aunt, than 4 year old big sisters. I watched Hazel play with James and Wilson the other day, they crawled all over her, pulling her hair and squawking, she just laughed and laughed. Here I am thinking, the girls are going to resent the babies because of all these reasons and here they are choosing outfits and reading books. It's not all roses, but I wanted to present something I am really proud of, I want to honor my girls- for being generous hearts. 

Often find myself saying "HAZEL!! Play something else, James is not a Hugball!" *will someone define hugball for me? Oh well, at least she loves him.

Words the Babies understand at 11 months,

Bottle- don't say the word unless you have one. Everyone starts whining like they are on death row. James and Quinn know to go to their feeding spot in front of James's bed where I sit on the floor and feed them. Wils just start crying frozen in fear that he will miss out, til I pick him up and take him over to the bottle station.

Walk- I say "you want to go on a walk?' and everyone is lumping it for the front door. They love walks and will freeze to their seats before they complain.

No No- Quinn gets it. But she does it anyway.

Bite- A bite means food, any food. "Wilson you want a bite?" and he will come from whichever room he is playing in and find me for his bite.

We are working on the following words:

No taking away
Give to 

I think since the baby wars have begun. For me to survive it, I need the babies to understand those words. I am not going to play referee for them, I will teach correctness to them to them, but I don't want to be the judge again, all the time, eventually they will get it figured out, might take years. I have two older girls I refereed until I read a books called " Siblings Without Rivalry" I realized they need to learn to work it out themselves. 

Here is how it goes, Wilson has a toy, Quinn takes it from him, he cries, so I show him something else to play with, the new toy with bright colors and noises peaks James and Quinnys attention and they both go for it. Wilson gets his old toy back and James and Quinn are wrestling for the new toy, here we go again. 

Hair pulling is still a problem, I think Wilson is the sneakiest, he moves the slowest so he flies under my radar and I usually don't protect whoever I am changing until it is too late. He also has unexpectedly fast hands, he shoots his hand out and Little Lord Fauntleroy is in tears over his torn curls.

We have tough times and times of greatness at our house but these are the things I am seeing right now...over and out.