Sunday, March 11, 2012

It's For Them

Disneyland last year, look at Hazels feet- not even touching the ground
Flashback: When I was a little girl, my family and I went to the store. My eye was caught by a wedding dress there that would fit a beloved doll of mine. I begged for it, and I cried too, I wasn't trying to manipulate my parents, I really needed it. My dad explained that mom could sew me an even better wedding dress for my doll but in my childish fashion, I wanted THAT one.
My parents went down the isle a little way to discuss, I eavesdropped. I remember hearing that my mom didn't want to give in, then hearing my dad say that if I thought that dress would truly make me happy then they should get it for me.

In one of the few battles I ever remember winning, my parents relented graciously and bought the over priced, mom-can-sew-a-better-one wedding dress. All of my sisters were at the store and they bought that dress for only me (of course I had to share it). I don't remember the others getting anything. Believe me when I say, we were not spoiled children. That is why this experience affected me so profoundly. I was so grateful. That little victory was my special day.

Flashback Again: Before the babies were born, I worried about how it would be for Hazel and CC with 3 babies at home. As a mother, I have a strong desire to give my children life experiences. Talking with Nathan, we decided we should do a fun vacation. Grammy Pammy's cousin, Kathy works at Disneyland and had an 'in" so six months pregnant with triplets we took off for Disneyland.

Pride and kinship with Tinkerbell
Simpering overpowering can't-even-stand-it-I-just-met-Rosetta at Disneyland (Tinkerbell)
I got to ride Dumbo and the Teacups, oh, and my motorized wheelchair that I accidentally ran Hazel over with
The girls wanted to visit the princesses over and over,  N8 wanted to poke his eyes out with a dull fork. There were so many other things to see and do. I didn't want us to be one of those parents that pushed and pushed to get to the next thing or jump in the next line. I remembered the wedding dress experience when I was a child. Let them have their day. It's for them. If they want to stand in line for princesses 3 times in one day, let them, this is what they want, it is for them. I don't want them to look back and think, Oh that was horrible, my parents pushed and pushed.

  At Disneyland, Hazel wanted to pet goats for about an hour, I think it felt safe to her after all the overwhelming excitement of getting there

To Each His Own

I took Hazel and CC on a date the other night, just us gals. We saw the Muppets and went to the mall.

At the movies we stepped into the restroom. A mother and her young daughter were washing hands at the sinks. The little girl was having trouble turning her tap off so her mom stepped over to help, turned off her child's tap, inadvertently forgot her own running tap, and walked out.
I looked after her while I washed up, "glad I don't have a scattered brain like that!" I said to myself as I  left the tap running and walked out. At least I caught myself!

While at the mall, I took the girls to Claire's boutique and told them to find something they liked. I want my kids to make clothing choices now so that I can see the pattern of their likes and dislikes, they can find who they are and decide their own style and I can help along the way.
Hazel and CC sporting their fine new headbands
Every headband was tried on and discarded, every hat and pair of glasses refused. CC finally found her perfect headband, Hazel finally found her perfect...err the picture says it all. Earmuffs. She was so in love with the ear muffs. "Mom! These are so perfect for me! I love them!"  To each his own. Hazel found it unconscionable that CC got to wear her headband to church and she didn't get to wear hers.