Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Baby's Revenge

Such is my level of annoyance when Hazel lays all over the babies, smothers them and pokes them in the face that when I see that slow fat little hand find a lock of Hazels hair I just think, "Pull baby! Let Hazel learn a lesson. Pull as hard as you can!" I shouldn't feel so much joy about this but it is sort of like mommy's revenge too.


  1. I always let my babies fight back when they're being attacked. :)

  2. Won't be long before they'll be on equal footing... well, footing, at least.

  3. Hazel will get it back in due time. I remember when my baby sister was old enough to be mobile I couldn't find a Lip Smackers of mine that hadn't been scooped out by those tiny pointers and eaten all up as if they were really the tasty treats their flavor boasts. Hazel is intruding on their personal space now? Hazel will be the age where you couldn't want anything more than your own personal space, and she will have four younger siblings taking shifts to make sure she has none of that!