Sunday, October 14, 2012

Recent Photos

This picture is a little graphic and does no service to Wilson, who is usually delightful and happy. This is how we ended our summer days, taking baths in the backyard to cool off and clean up from the sandbox.

With this photo, I pay tribute and bid farewell to Nathans favorite old beater of truck. And to tell you the truth, I thought it made a better dehydrator than a truck. We used to roll up the windows and make fruit leather during the summer heat. Cooked it to a crisp, but we had to convince N8 not to use his truck for a few days.

We also tried making fruit snacks with our zucchini surplus and koolaid this summer. Totally works. Google the recipe.

These babies can make a mess in no time flat. Wilson climbed out of his crib today, fell and bumped his lip, while we were comforting him, Quinn slipped her hand into a "locked" cupboard and pulled out 3 lbs of granola, hid in the living room, tore open the bag and started eating. James pulled out his favorite rice cooker, blender and Bosch mixer. We start and end the day with a tidy home, but it gets ugly somewhere during the middle.

They all look like this after cottage cheese and they refuse to be spoon fed! Tell me it gets easier!

Hazel, Mom and CC

We got a surprise gift of a box of tails. Best gift ever! These girls are pretending all day

Applesauce day. I had a chance to pick the apples on a tree in front of a nearby apartment. 25 quarts.
Girls helped, sort of. 

Going to school, these girls look forward to the bus ride everyday. Man, it's gonna stink next year when I have to actually take the girls to school on my own. I'm spoiled.

Thoughts on Homeschool

I had given a lot of thought to homeschooling my girls. Among many of my dear friends,  it seems like the REAL moms homeschool. I love my children. I want the best for them but I struggled with the decision to homeschool. During my confusion, I examined my reasons for wanting to homeschool.

Wanting to keep my children pure from the world and worrying they will learn bad habits at school is not a reason for me to homeschool. Bullies, trouble in school, feeling like I am losing them, falling behind and poor teaching ARE reasons for me to homeschool and that hasn't happened yet. I wouldn't be doing them any favors by keeping them home at this point. I do want to raise children that are pure, but I am also raising my children to fight evil. So I send them off to be battered by the wind and waves then come home to safety. This is my reasoning and every family must do as they feel inspired.