Sunday, October 2, 2011

Makin' Honey In the Front Room

Usually the first Saturday and Sunday in October and April are special in the "Mormon"ing World. We call it General Conference weekend and we gather around our TV, radios or computers to hear our prophet and leaders of the church speak. We listen, cry, laugh and really enjoy these bone dry sessions of teaching. I love them and look forward to them every year. Talks I enjoyed this time were about Jesus, about standing up for the right, there was one talk about fathers/daughters I loved and a talk by Elder Scott that I loved as well.

Here is the funny thing. N8 decided Saturday was the day. So he went to our hives and smoked out the bees, bringing home a few frames. He spread a sheet in the front room, pulled in the extractor machine and started going at it. So the next few pictures you will see N8 extracting honey in the front room to the tune of General Conference on the radio and babies grousing in the background.

We thought we had enough on our plate this year with the babies, but amazingly we have been able to pull off crazy great things. Paint the entire house, have stomach surgery and extract honey being a few of them. Sometimes N8 and I get this crazy urge to do something normal through all this even though we are knee deep in spit up and nappies. It scares me spitless sometimes the things we have pulled off with these little ones. But I like to think, 'Here is what we've got, let's own it!'

N8 told me he was gonna use a tarp, not an old sheet! Maybe I should have posted pics of the clean-up. You can also see our bus of a stroller in the background and where we keep all the baby gear, sort of cluttery, but it won't be there forever
This is a look inside the extractor. Three frames go inside and you spin it with the knob on top, sort of tough work


  1. Do you also now own a honey-stuck carpet? ; )

  2. How much honey did you get this go around?