Sunday, December 11, 2011

Must Be Hard

It must be hard to be a multiple. People are always looking at you and comparing you to your siblings, she is taller, he has more hair, more teeth, laughs more, cries easier -all sorts of differences. In my high school there was a set of twins, we always distinguished them by the cute one and his brother.

I know this is a little too much skin, but the grandparents dig it
Wilson and James in a rare moment, just staring at eachother
When my children get older, in school, how will it be? I have noticed with the older girls, if it is someones thing -to be a certain way, the other avoids it. CC lives and dies by the the princesses (yuck, yuck, yuck) and Hazel claims she has no interest in them and doesn't like them. But I find her playing with them and dressing up every so often. Hazel loves the physical, any racing, running she loves to compete. I actually think CC has it in her to be a great competitor too but she doesn't even try because Hazel wants it so bad and is so good at it. I wish I could sit down with CC and tell her it is okay to try, that her body needs more practice than Hazel (maybe because she is a giant for a 3 year old and
 growing fast, who wouldn't have a little coordination trouble if that was the case, and CC scooted til she was 19months, she just needs more practice, but it doesn't mean she can't be good if she wants to be.) She gives up easily, oh little sister, please wear blinders, I wish I could blind you from comparing yourself to your older sister, and free you up to the love of trying and failing.

Wilson loves the wipes container. He crinkles it in his hands, rolls on it, stares at it, guards it, lusts after it- generally it is a love affair to be remembered. And why not? The wipes bag is shiny and light blue, when you pat it, it makes wonderful crinkle sounds. Quinn is a girl about town. A few times this week she even crawled out of the room the babies were playing in, once it was to come find me in the dining room, I was so honored. She has fast hands and feet. No little brother can keep up with her, especially when she has her eyes on something of theirs. A few days ago she had her eyes on Wilson's wipes and army crawled over to get them. I started crying for Wilson, he had no defense once Quinny set in. He watched in horror as his beloved wipes were being loved and gummed by another. And when she cast them aside, he was there for them.

Wilson with his second love, the wipes, I am his first

Get a good look, most people complain they never see these babies all together. Here we are having our good morning bottle.

Here are the brothers together some say they look alike others say not. Maybe you will be able to tell better when Wils hair grows in, so far it is growing in like CCs did, slow and in wisps- some things are worth waiting for

Wilsons fruit snack is receding, the Dr said it would take about a year and he would always have a freckle there, but I think it will take a few more years than predicted, My mom always wanted brown haired brown eyed children, she got 5. I got a bunch too.
Snoozing on Grumpy's lap (Wilson)
My aunt has twins. They are beautiful and talented. She has supported and watched as one of her twins got a part in a musical or performance and the other got nothing. They both wanted it. They both auditioned. She without the part, was so cheerful and generous as she watched her sister succeed. I pray as these children grow, that I will be wise enough to know how to handle comparing. I hope we can all cheer for the winner no matter who it is. Can there be healthy competition in a home where everyone is given the full chance to grow and develop? How can everyone have the confidence to try new things, even if they fail?


  1. wow - in the pic of the boys looking at each other james looks Hazel!
    I think the fact that you're aware of comparisons and competition shows that it will all be handled fairly in this wonderful family :) Seems to me you've been doing a terrific job so far. Hugs and love to all, Auntie G

  2. First of all, I love this post. I can't believe how big your babies are getting! I mean, I know I've been gone for a while, but seriously... they're just so grown up. And also, I agree with your Auntie G up there--Cory and I both commented on how both Quinn and James look a lot like Hazel, though there's definitely some CC in there, too. Beautiful kids, all of them. I love reading about you guys, though it makes me miss you all the more.

  3. Sounds like you'll have a good mentor in your aunt. You'll do well, Sherry. You're committed to learning and growing, and you're already good at teaching your kiddos to do the same.