Sunday, December 11, 2011

James and the Big Fat Nose

I saw his nose in an ultrasound. It was squished and flattened, at the time he was baby B. His nose gives him character and charm he is really growing into it. Cute little ski slope nose. I thought CC and Wilson had my nose, til I found these pictures...
Check out that honker. James nose for sure. Sorry kid.

This is not my tongue, I used to have a thing for chewing on moms pink sponge curlers.

That is my tongue, I am not proud of these, I posted these merely so you can recognize what I have risen from. An upstanding citizen that neither rides plastic ponies with her tongue hanging out nor chews pink sponge curlers. I have come so far.


  1. I was really relieved to have you clarify that that is a sponge roller. I felt pretty alarmed at first glance. But, hey, I dig the pony shot. Cuteness. James could sure do worse in the nose department.