Friday, November 25, 2011

Sinking Ship

I have a new sign on my board, Save the Girls First, Babies Second, Oh and do the Laundry.This is because there will always be a baby to feed, but I am losing my girls if I think I can keep putting them off and off any longer. And if I lose the older ones, my leaders, the younger ones may be lost eventually even though I have put more time into them. Doomy and gloomy, I know but not that bad really.

My older children are the leaders, if I take care of their needs, they will show love and concern for the younger ones. If I am always putting them off, getting to them later or whatever, their response will be resentment and discord in our family. I will show them they are loved and nourish them, even if it means a baby has to learn patience. Hopefully, I can manage the balance of caring for everyone equally but if there is a need, I am going to start choosing Hazel and CC first. The babies are 8 months old now, they can learn patience and they are defiantly not starving to death, Hazel and CC need mom time too.

Hazel has a word that she hates. "Nevertheless". It sends her up the wall. Because it boxes her in and she wants to call the shots. Oh and she hates, "However" too. Same thing.

Mom: Hazel please eat your dinner.
Hazel: Your food is yucky and I won't eat it. (She is getting really good at sticking her nose in the air after these statements, I wish she wouldn't say everything that pops into her head...)
Mom: (In a firm voice) Nevertheless, this is our dinner, if you choose not to eat it, there is no other option.

Nevertheless, nevertheless, nevertheless, nevertheless! Ha! It sends her around the bend, she goes berserk. (Revenge is only a little sweet) But she is beginning to realize I mean business when I use this word.