Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cinderella for 27 cents

CC found some change on my dresser and asked if she could have it. CC never brags but she is always so satisfied, satisfied as a cat with whatever she is given, it makes Hazel crazy. Perhaps Hazel is looking for that type of satisfaction and she thinks it will come in whatever CC likes. Hazel must learn she won't get it in things, her sense of joy, as far as I can tell comes in thrills (scary for a mom), activity and accomplishment, she needs to learn she won't get it in accumulating stuff. That's just my girls and they are different.

So CC is walking around pleased as punch with her moneys and Hazel decides she wants them. She calculates her stratagem,  "Mom, you didn't give me any money. You are not being fair. You should give me some money." I don't cave to that kind of pressure. "Hazel, sometimes I give you things I don't give CC, so right now it is her turn to have something nice from me. Remember, I gave you binoculars and CC didn't get anything." Moms don't need to be even but they should be fair.

This is how it ended up. Last year, I bought Hazel a Cinderella figurine for Christmas. She doesn't play with it much but CC loves it. CC bought that doll from Hazel with her 27 cents and both of them were happy as could be. I didn't figure it out for them, they did. Holy cow, I was so pleased at how they resolved this conflict. Wow, wow, wow. Good job girls!
The Cinderella doll, Quinn likes it too, she must taste good, maybe CC can sell it to Quinn next.


  1. Well done, ladies!

    And I bet Cinderella's gratified to know she's still "got it." CC gave every last cent she had for her. Royalty doesn't come cheap.

  2. You could totally turn this into a great social story and send it to the Friend :D I'd read it in Primary!