Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Eye of the Storm

My sister Leah has a great big wonderful Mormon family with 7 children. She lives in Idaho. She has a mantra she shares with me and I use it. "I am the calm in the eye of the storm."

I can imagine 2 boys wrestling on the floor, someone practicing the piano, someone looking for a buddy to play catch with, one is sick on the couch, one is playing dolls, everyone is hungry, dinner needs to be made, laundry is piling up, dog needs to be feed. There she is sitting on her bed nursing the baby reciting, I am the calm in the eye of the storm. She is a wonderful mother and she has everything under control in amazing ways, but somehow I can't help thinking she is getting just what she deserves. She probably thinks the same thing about me.
I love her and we are close, our whole family is, oh and we are adding one more, Mikell on March 16th, she is brave enough to marry my little brother, that completes the in -laws and I couldn't be happier. Geez, who knows what we all could have married? Hazel and CC took to calling her Miss. Mikell while they were dating, maybe we they will call her Mrs. Mikell when she marries Spence. Now I just have to hold my breath to see who Jennifer, Johnathan and Rob bring home onN8s side. Oh well, may we all get along and love each other.

Oh back to Leahs mantra. I have one too. Even though this is a challenge, I will continue. Sometimes I change it to say, Even though I am tired, I will continue. Or sometime I make a joke of it, Even though I feel like a clumsy ox, I will continue. It sort of resets my focus and helps me keep going til N8 gets home. Ahhhh, that glorious time when I hear the front door open.


  1. I will continue. I like this.

    And I absolutely look forward to that sound of the door opening, and I do not have 3 babies. :) You're amazing, Sherry. Truly, you are.

  2. Even though I can only doggie paddle, I will continue swimming.