Sunday, October 23, 2011

To Name a Child

N8 and I agonized over our children's names like crazy. Try naming three at the same time. Sometimes, it's not our very favorite name, but it is one we can both agree on. I have grown to love my children's names. They grow into them.

Hazel Dawn- I served in a church calling with a girl named Hazel. She was Hispanic and she had the ability to make friends with everyone. She moved easily among the Caucasian kids and the Hispanic kids, uplifting and unifying. Dawn, Hazel shares her birth mothers middle name.

Claire Christine- I wanted Lauren, N8 wanted Claire. I did know a Claire and was willing to settle for it as long as we could use the french spelling. Clare, Clair, Klaire, Klare, Klair, Clarre, Klarre, Chlarre, Chlaire, Claire. Claire Averett was the HR VP for Nu Skin when I worked there. It was during the time of tough layoffs. She was respected and admired. She had something special about her and she was someone who took care of people. Christine is my middle name.

Quinn Rebecca- Gwen? Too guttural. Brynn? Too breezy. I loved the double N sounding names but I didn't like my options. So I took a boy name. Rebecca, I have had many friends uplift and inspire me, two of them are named Rebecca.

James Gordon- Not being huge into Batman, we didn't realize we named him after the Commissioner. James was a family name we were throwing around while Jimmer Fredette was a BYU Basketball star. One night, as N8 was leaving for a game I said, "hey, if Jimmer scores more than 50pts, let's name a son after him. I never expected him to score like 53 that game. Gordon is my maiden name.

Wilson August- I loved the name Wilson. It is Nathan's middle name and a last name that runs in his family. August, N8 has wanted to name a son August forever. He also wants to name our next child Alvin. Good thing we are done having kids.


  1. Jeanne's got a great name she chose years ago that she's not currently using. How about Alvin Aardwolf? I'm rooting for #6.

  2. I love the explanation of names. They're all beautiful, and (at least for the older girls, whom I know) fit them perfectly.

    Also, I don't think of Quinn as a gender specific name--I think it works very nicely for a baby girl. :)

  3. Should I take offense to you thinking Brynn is too "breezy" ? :) Just kidding. I have always liked the name Gwen too :) I love all of your kiddos names.

  4. I'm sad that you never knew our Great (N8's great great) Auntie Claire, Grandma DeeDee's sister. Claire is Meredith's middle name, after her. CC joins a long line of Claire's in our family, I think you made a wonderful choice!