Sunday, October 23, 2011


I lost all credibility and trust with the girls on Saturday. We walked with James and Quinn to 7-eleven. The girls only have eyes for slurpees, the redbox and balloons. I doubt they even know that facility really sells gasoline or more importantly nachos. Whenever we go there, its a banana/cherry mixed slurpee and "Mom, do they have balloons today? And can we get a show?" I always make them ask for their own balloons, as they usually give free balloons to kids. (Did you know?)
So we are walking out of there and CC has hers tied to her arm and Hazel asked me to tie hers to the stroller. I thought I tied it securely. About a minute passed and the red balloon just floated up to the sky. Hazel and CC just stared. Then they both started crying. CC because she is compassionate and Hazel because she just lost all the happiness in the world. It was too much for me, their sad, pathetic faces looking up at the sky to a balloon that will never come back, I just started to laugh. Nothing is more sad than little girls crying for their errant balloons. 7-eleven replaced the balloon but NO ONE would let me near their balloon not even to hold even for a second. I was the enemy. In fact at one point CC was holding so many things in her hands, rocks, sticks, slurpee, balloon, I offered to hold it and nope she would rather drop her slurpee than let her precious balloon fall into villainous hands.
I was trying to tidy up the girls room tonight and accidentally popped Hazels balloon. I hung my head in shame when she learned it. My name is Mud.

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