Thursday, October 27, 2011

These Are My Aims

I had several years before we had children to think of what kind of mother I would be. And years to think of how I didn't want to be. I thought, for all my waiting, I would be most patient and forbearing of women but I am not. I am just a good mother that does her best everyday and apologies when she does wrong.  Children can be very difficult and exhausting. So to not lose my way, I work toward these aims.

My desire is to raise confident, well rounded, Christ centered children. If my children can handle this being foisted upon them, I feel like they can weather anything life throws at them.

I think we've got the confidence in part

They will have confidence to stand up for the right, treat all people kindly, ask questions (something I was really afraid of!) and develop new skills.
Well rounded enough to be diverse, educated and slightly cultured with a splash of athleticism, (that is a tall order but at least they have to try).
A Christ centered person can overcome and forgive the bitter struggles that happen as part of life. They can look to greater things and live knowing there is more than this life, they can live with God again.

To this end I try to manage our family so that my children can develop these values, abilities, characteristics, whatever you call them. I ask myself, have I given the girls chores that make them feel proud and accomplished? Have I shown them confidence and encouraged them in our activities? Do they feel comfortable asking questions? Do they know that what they do matters to me? Do I value them as creative, playful and helpful little people? Did I squish their initiative at all today or guide it?
Well rounded: Did they learn anything new today? Did we talk about the world and explore anything? What have they learned of music, painting, writing, history, body movement and sports?
Christ centered: How did I show my belief in Christ through my actions today? Did we pray? Did we talk about sharing, forgiving and gratitude? Did we read the scriptures? I know these children come from God. He imprinted in them such kindnesses and acts of generosity, I know they didn't learn it from myself or N8. They can be super rascals too, but sometimes I am simply in awe of these fine people around me.

Sometimes I really believe there is a rainbow smiling over our house. Not a moon or the sun, a rainbow. (Maybe it is just the new paint job.) In Bible times, the rainbow was Gods sign that He wouldn't flood the earth again, to me is represents forgiving. I wonder if I can apply that symbolism here. The rainbow is over our house because as a family we are learning how to get along and forgiving each other. The rainbow teaches me that even when we make mistakes our home can be a clean place of love and safety.

Gotta go, laundry is calling. Give me this mountain. (Joshua 14:12) Maybe I should do a post about how much I admire Caleb for his words and how often they have inspired me.


  1. Lovely post. You are certainly a good question-asker now.

    I'm amazed at how much CC looks like you in this photo. I never seen your face in hers to this extent before now.

  2. I love the name Caleb too! I wanted to name Spencer that; glad that Leah grabbed it! 'give me this mountain' seems to fit, doesn't it? ~M