Friday, October 28, 2011

Drs Visit

Hazel, Quinn, James and Wilson had Drs visits today. We took the limo, it turns out you can park diagonal/lengthwise into 3 spaces, I could only do it in 5 but that is N8 for you. As CC would offer, "Dad is a good parker."
Here are the stats that Grandmas love:
Hazel 36 lbs- it puts her in the 50% for kids her age, height 40.5 in (55%)
Quinn 19.1 lbs (80%) height 28.25 (95%)  CC was off the charts as a baby too.
James 18.1 lbs (50%) height 28.5 (95%)
Wilson 17.5 lbs (25%) height 28 (75%)

I am so excited I have kept these babies alive and well fed. The triplets check up was a 7 month. Since they were premmies the Dr counts their skills and abilities as 4.5 month old babies. They are on track as far as development, Quinny leads the pack, she rolls the length of the floor, plays with toys and holds her own bottle, James enjoys push ups, he really isn't into toys but loves to do push ups on the floor during tummy time. I think he will crawl first.  Wilson is on track but way behind in rolling and playing with toys. N8 and I often wish we could give him a serum that would keep him a baby forever, he is so pleasant. His claim to fame is he is my best solid food eater. He is pure bliss to feed, especially after trying to feed Quinn who won't open her mouth for nothin'.


  1. She'll come around when it's chocolate time.

  2. 80th percentile - someone must be sneaking her snacks :)

  3. SO Impressed! All of the triplets are bigger than Makayla- and she is 9 months this week! Maybe I need to switch to Sams formula!! ;) You are doing more than just keeping them alive. They are SO lucky to be born to you!