Monday, October 24, 2011


Well, babies must be more resilient than I think because Wilson was doing tummy time in the front room. I walked in and Hazel was jumping on his bum, he didn't mind it at all.


  1. hey mama, grammy pammy will be delivering something to you that I found awhile back. hope you like it :)

  2. Sherry, my dear friend Sherry,

    I love your blog. Love it. Sorry it has taken me so long to comment (I've been reading it for at least a month). I love your limo, I love your chubby babies, I love your sweet and helpful girls, and I love the way you tell your story. So glad you're doing it! I'm also so glad that you are doing so great. I am only 15 minutes away, and it shouldn't feel like so much farther! We gotta get together so I can meet these babies in person!

    Know that I think of you often, and am cheering for you and your beautiful family =).