Tuesday, October 11, 2011

There Is Someone Special Reading This

This is my favorite picture, I didn't coach her on this, she has made a bee, with wings, a stinger and the flowers. Only a beekeepers daughter...
Someone very special reads this blog, well lots of special people do. A special person writes it too! That is not who I am taking about. Hazel has a birth mother. I love her, we call her Momma Jessica and she is dear to us. I am posting these pictures for her. Jessica, look what a great artist Hazel is. Her pictures are not guesswork and they have actual detail. She is so quiet when she draws, and so focused. I love and treasure her art.
This was one of her first, most kids her age are still scribbling- these pictures have hair and eyelashes, noses and hands!!

She gets more detailed in every picture, this one has a hair elastic, lower lashes, nostrils and cheeks. This is a mothers moment, let us think our baby is one of the worlds wonders, because every mom should think that most of the time.

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  1. "Our baby." Seems like the way gods must refer to us.

    Love the big eyes!