Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sometimes What You Thought Was My Honey Bee

This is a Honey Bee, I have had more than a few phone calls from friends teasing me that my bee stung someone, or come pick up my bee it is in their house. Honey bees are pretty mild. They really don't sting unless threatened, you wanna take their honey or they are trapped in clothing or being stepped on. I have noticed bees like cleanliness, they seem least aggravated while I am digging around in their hive if  I am freshly showered and have my teeth brushed. I have walked thru clouds of bees without being stung. This bee could be mine, but it also could be Travis Stewards or the other family in the neighborhood that has bees. These honey bees are Italian bees, they are brown and gold and make great honey, some other bees, Russian or carniolan have different traits like how they build their hives, how much honey they make and how aggressive they are. So sometimes what you thought was a bee...
Was really a wasp.


  1. Are there bees in Iceland? I think I'd like some Icelandic bees.

  2. I remember when we found a bee caught in the cuff of your jeans when we were visiting one of our girls? I promise your bees do not bug me :) I do, however, think I will always wonder if the bees are yours, even if I am in Iceland.