Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Promise With Sparkles

I want the girls to learn to figure out solutions to their problems so I often tell them to make me a deal. If they want to finish watching a show and get ready afterward they need to make me a deal. Mom, if you let us finish this show we will get ready and eat all of our breakfast. Sounds good to me, they are also learning to keep their promises. Sometimes the deals are, If you let us play outside, we will let you give us some more cookies. Right.

CC came to me today, "Mom, I broke a promise." Oh CC, I am sorry, tell me which promise you broke. "The one that has sparkles on it...(voice tapers off into wistfulness), Mom? Do you wanna play Sleeping Beauty?" I am never entirely sure what plane we are talking on when CC is in her princess form.

I can think of many promises that can have sparkles on them, but I am left only to assume that in a child's eyes, the only promises that have sparkles on them probably have something to do with candy.


  1. I'll make you a deal. You keep blogging and I'll keep reading. This is a pretty sparkly deal as far as I'm concerned.