Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cast Your Fishing Lines

I can tell they are fascinated and mortified by this touching of a dead fish. But they loved it and every time we have fish they eat it with pride!

Haz and Cease so proud of their catch
Hazel and CC love fishing. Their church teacher and our dear friend Laura, with buddy Brandon have taken them fishing a few times. A few weeks ago Hazel was asked to give the prayer in children's class at church. She prayed that Heavenly Father would remind Laura to take them fishing again. So He did and they went again.

Once a year the primary age children give the program during the sacrament portion of church. Each child is given a line to share, their lines are based on what the children have been studying that year and they also sing gospel oriented songs. CC is not old enough yet for this but Hazel is in the youngest class called Sunbeams. One of the songs the Sunbeams sing in their class is Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam -to shine for Him each day. I love that my children are learning truths that will strengthen them throughout their lives and they don't know it yet. They just think they are singing. But someday, they will think of these primary songs that teach truths and helped them feel the Spirit- they will think of them in a time of need and be able to share, or help a friend or stand up for someone.

Hazels line was, "We have learned that Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us." She said it slow and loud and clear, and then she gave two solid unrehearsed kisses into the microphone. Some of us just can't resist the sound of our own voice.

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  1. And some of us can't resist unrehearsed kisses.

    I got choked up when Hazel said her line. The best.