Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hazels 4th Birthday

Hazels birthday was wonderful, she had a pirate theme. Don't feel down if your babe wasn't invited, we only do family parties til they get into school.  I also never dress my kids up for Halloween until they are old enough to appreciate it. In this photo Grammy and Grumpy test out the limo, it is so fun to be able to all fit in one car!  We went to Costa Vida because I recently discovered they are gluten free! We did some creative parking again and didn't get a ticket, the food was good, and we enjoyed bowling. I love it when I can give Hazel and CC normal kid experiences even though they have triplet babies keeping them home. The best quote to come out of Hazels mouth was, I love you Grammy, almost as much as my pirate eye patch. (That is saying something.)

Our cheering section

Two serious bowlers, both of them beat me, so did CC. I have no excuse, I am usually somewhat athletic, I guess I just get shy around my in- laws

When did my girls grow so much? I don't remember time passing. CC looks like a giantess

Hazels treasure chest cake and birthday treasure map. I try to have the cake on the table when they wake up so they can yearn for it (and secretly pick at it) all day long. 

CC is ready to turn 4, it is tough to watch the other children wish it was their special day. But what goes around, comes around

Frog birthday shirts can smile, I love this girl so much. Happy birthday my girl. Once, a few weeks ago at a park CC -hand in mine, said, "Mom, you love your little princesses CC and Quinny right?" "Yes I do, what about Hazel?" "Oh she is not a princess, she is your little girl super hero." She really is, the first brave little baby to come to my home. She is my little girl super hero.

Unsmiling frog shirt (

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  1. Fabulous cake and map! Equally fabulous shirt! I want one! But oh, the bottom lip. That takes the prize.