Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Word

The perfect "respoon" opportunity
I remember being in High School, Capital High in Boise Idaho when the Chicago Bulls won their third straight championship. Pat Riley had invented a word to explain a third repeat victory, he patented it and sold it to the Bulls. He named their championship a Three-Peat. Meaning three time repeat winners. In my line of work, I have also come up with an important verb. It is To Respoon. The action you have to do with the spoon to catch the recently spooned food before it falls off of the participants chin onto the bib and re-feed it. For right now, I only use one spoon while I feed all three babies (for speed). In deference to the babies I am feeding, I try never to re- feed someone elses respoon. Just a nice little service I provide. It's the little touches that make ones mom special. You can thank me later kids.

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