Tuesday, October 18, 2011


CC has been testing out new words. The other day she said to me:
"Mom, are we be-stack-ular?"
"Yes baby, you are bestackular." (I can never resist using the funny words they say)
"And are the babies bestackular?"
"Oh yes, they are."
I make a point of talking to the babies when I have them alone. I tell them thank you, thank you for coming to our family. I tell them how much I love them and how blessed we are to have them. They look me in the eyes, eyes bright and smiling and I think they get it a little bit, I love those precious moments.
I find the words "I love you" to be so healing, as though I can wipe away any ugly or thoughtless things of the day. They are Bestackular.
When I have the big girls alone, I tell them how wonderful they are. I ask them if I am a good mommy and if I can be a better mom somehow. I get varied responses, but when I say "I love you", they say it back and that is good enough.
Last night Nathan came home from work and took to his sick bed with chills. I folded every stitch of laundry (Monday is laundry day) and washed every dirty dish in this house by myself, chores Nathan and I usually do together after the girls and the babies are down. Who's bestacklar now?