Friday, October 28, 2011

Who Is This Brave?

When I was a new mother a friend asked me to babysit her children for a few hours. It was so overwhelming. I couldn't watch their kids and my kids together. That is why I have to tell you who has been so brave to me.

My dear friend Yazmin offered to come over and watch my children with her little newborn baby Ben. Can you imagine a new mom, 4 babies and 2 bouncing little girls? I was gone for a few hours. When I came home she was in the front room with Hazel and CC, Quinn and James, I think Wilson and Baby Ben were asleep. She did an awesome job. It was one of the most noble gestures I have ever received.
Geez, who is that brave?


  1. i just realized that i unintentionally copied a title post of yours! great minds think alike! or... maybe i am just a copy cat. but whatever!