Tuesday, September 13, 2011

People Can Think What They Want

Our family gets less colds than other families, I think we get only a fourth of whatever is going around the primary. I have a theory, and you doubters may think it is crazy. We use oils on Sundays before church.
We come in contact with so many foreign germs with childrens' toys and hand shakes or hugs that I used to find we were fighting new colds every few weeks.

Before we put on shoes or tights, I mix essential oils with a few drops of olive oil and rub their feet (the feet are great at absorbing oil), they love getting the time with me and getting their rub. I use anything- lemon, lavender, eucalyptus or I mix something special for each other them, it takes half a second.  The reason I think this works, is they usually never get colds when I do it, when I forget to oil them, they usually get one. I don't sell the stuff, I buy it from my sister at Young Living or the Good Earth so this isn't a schmooze I just wanted to explain what worked for us.


  1. I am trying to be converted to oils. I have some. Lemon, lavender, and peppermint. I try to use them before I resort to any type of medicine... but I haven't had my success story... yet. I am going to do this though... to Miss Makayla's little feet, if it works for you, why not me? :)

  2. It's like a mother's blessing.