Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Let Me Tell You the Worst Story

I visited the Dr today. He said I was healing up well, I should expect to wear a wrap for 6 more weeks as the swelling dies and muscles grow into each other. He also said that he cut 6 pounds of SKIN off my tummy. I just keep geeking out over it! Six pounds of SKIN ! Yuck. Yuck. Yuckk!

The week I delivered Quinn, James and Wil, I was huge. I was a real show stopper. I had stopped going into public because I was so uncomfortable and I got so many stares and "oh mys!"Anyway, at 35 weeks pregnant, our toilet broke. It was about 10 pm at night and there was nothing doing until the next day. So I am going to the bathroom about 6 times a night at this point, and it is March. Imagine a woman 8 months along with triplets having to go in the bucket in the backyard. Can you think of anything more uncomfortable? That is my worst experience ever -I was already tapped out because of the pregnancy, although I was never on bed rest. I was done, I had had it! I think I actually prayed for some medical reason for the Drs to take the babies.

Finally about 1am that night, I grabbed a key to N8s work and drove over there. Oh relief. On the way back, I drove past my friend Hannah's house. There she was sitting in a car with the boy her friends call "PB" counseling him about a failed romance. She jumped into my car and we took a lap around the neighborhood, it didn't seem so bad after that. It is like she was always in the right place to help people. Even from the MTC she sent her mother money to buy shoes for a sister in her district that didn't have the right footwear.

Go ahead and Gawk all you Gawkers!


  1. I am a gawker -- and I was there for the whole thing. How quickly we ...uh, I ...forget. So excited for your 6 lbs. Cant wait til the swelling goes down for you.


  2. Bucket trauma! Poor you but what a great point of reference for the rest of your life. I almost can't stand to think of six pounds of just skin. How much bucket space is that? Love the bellies shot. Ha!

  3. I'm so glad to see these pictures! You're beautiful, if babyful. :) But really, I'm serious, you look amazing in these pics.

    And I can't imagine using a bucket even right now, let alone super pregnant with triplets. So sorry. I hope you got it fixed fast. Ugh.

  4. Gawking......... OK, you looked beautiful then and you look beautiful today.

    I love your blog (and no you don't have to call me and thank me for making comments). ;-)