Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Marydells Cure

When we were first married we lived in the basement of Marydell's house, it has since been torn down, Marydell moved to CA. She was a retired nurse, nothing was private to her, we knew who couldn't breast feed because of inverted nipples, or whenever her husband Tom needed to eat more prunes. Once she called us upstairs and gave us house care instructions while she was on the toilet with the door open. We mowed the lawn and took out the garbage and she let us live in this studio apt that was maybe 350 square feet. One night N8 couldn't sleep so he got up to eat some Capt Crunch. It was so loud, it woke me up. We couldn't get far enough away from each other sometimes...
We didn't have much privacy there. She would usually knock once and then enter. You did get fair warning though, you would hear her light step coming down the stairs. She was usually giving us some fruit or leftovers she didn't want. Once N8 and I were fooling around together and we heard her coming down the stairs. In a panic, we both hid our disheveled persons behind the curtain that was the closet. "N8, Sherry? Your car is here, you must be home." Door opens. Door shuts. N8 and Sherry think twice before they ever fool around while she is home. Some would speculate that is why it took us so long to have children. We lived there for 3 years.
I love her and miss her. She told me once something that has helped me. From time to time, I struggle with depression and so did she. She said she knew how to get rid of it so I asked how. Sing out loud, serve someone or exercise, that's what she did. Wise words. When I pull myself together to do it, it usually works.


  1. I love your stories about Marydell. :) And her words are absolutely right on, as far as I can see. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I miss her, too! I love that woman.