Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Service Around Here...

I got to take my first shower since the surgery. I have been washing hair in the sink and scrubbing arms and legs with wet wash clothes for far too long. My wonderful mother in law is here working her fingers to the bone for my fine family. Her name is Grammy Pammy. As long as all my babies are taken care of I am happy.

Hazel has been my big helper, she is so capable. She helps me change my bandages and talks to me about how this isn't that gross and "Mom? Remember the time when I was throwing up and throwing up and I couldn't stop?" Forget it, I will change my own bandages.
I ran out of hospital bandages so I just started putting diapers over the drain sites. I've got plenty of diapers.

I just saw tummy in the mirror.  I think my belly button may be crooked. More on this later. I gotta show Nate first, the verdict is still out.

I guess most women would still be in bed. The Dr was wondering if I was getting up and out of bed a little. Ummmm, yea. Was there ever any question? You told me I couldn't lift my kids, you didn't say I couldn't have them on my lap and feed them, read to little girls, wash counters, refill bottles, tidy up or go on walks. I feel like the triplets have given me a serious boost in my pain threshold. I haven't taken any painkillers. Even in the hospital I just asked for Ibuprofen. I can deal with the discomfort of having my muscles ripped apart while pregnant, I can deal with them getting sewn back together. It just feels like a tummy ache to me. Having celiac disease, I have had plenty of tummy aches.
I do get a nap and I feel little or no pressure at all, Pam is wonderful with children, she had 7 kids and a daycare while N8 was growing up and she is here to prove she's still got it. Well, she does.


  1. Sherry, crooked is more interesting. Don't sweat it.

  2. Dean has two belly buttons. It's just the happenin' thing, Sherry. Like Georgia said... don't sweat it.