Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Home Under Seige- Beware of Bees

Many of you know we have bees. Bees and a great garden were something we decided we could let slip this year for the triplets. We still had a lil' garden but it went unloved and unweeded most Saturdays. About 40 years ago, a house burned down a few block from ours. The owners never rebuilt and it was a weed patch. Nathan and a friend contacted the owner for permission, had the water reconnected and started digging. We had an amazing garden last year. Alas, this year we couldn't keep it up, but we did get some produce.

Back to bees. We have 2 hives. We keep them at a friends house. If you know the difference between honey bees and wasps you will know that honey bees are pretty peaceable and down right happy creatures. We lost a hive spring 2011 and had an empty box sitting on our porch all summer.

Shot thru the window of Nathan eating marshmallows and smoking out bees- they are still here but the marshmallow are gone!
Last week, the bees found it. There is no getting rid of these gals. Every time we open the door bees come in! They are congregating on our porch, maybe 200 of them. We moved the empty box, swept and scrubbed whatever they are looking for. We tried vinegar, soap water, water spray and finally N8 tried to smoke them out by burning a whole garbage can of debris right on our porch. He told me to go get him some marshmallows so if the fire department came by he was legit, as long as you are cooking food apparently. So now our house smells like smoke and we still have bees protecting our porch like guard dogs. Do come on over!
P.S. Just threw one of the Quinny's stinky diapers into the bee huddle. Maybe this will work. Stand by...


  1. I love your blog. It's so wonderful to hear your thoughts and stories. It makes me feel like we aren't quite so far away. Thank you for blogging! I miss you. I love you. Kiss your babies for me. And make up a song that has Nate's name in it from me :)

  2. Oh, I am definitely coming over to experience the bee/smoke/smells!!!! For no other reason of course, just that.... :D

  3. As the next door neighbor, I can attest to the bees! I even found one in MY house the other day. Oh Sherry -- it's a good thing I love you!!

  4. I actually moved all my luggage and sewing items out of your house without a single sting or even close call. Believe me those Bees are more friendly than some 3 year olds I know. Grammy Pammy

  5. Grammy Pammy gets extra points for that comment.