Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fruit Snack

Nate and I loving and supporting Fruit Snack

May I introduce Fruit Snack? He is our youngest and smallest triplet, we also call him Wil or Wilson. He has a crazy birth mark on his chin, it seems to grow and grow. But the Dr says it will turn into nothing more than a freckle within a few years.

He is totally delightful, always alert and always has a smile. He is a most pleasant fellow. Some nights when he wants to be up late or when I feel overwhelmed he hangs out with my neighbor Janice on her couch watching the 10pm news, they are special friends too. People are just draw to him. His eyes twinkle and smile before the smile even reaches his mouth.

I am so sorry, I think I got the last nice babies in heaven. I hope there are more, I know what tough babies are like and these are not them.


  1. I'm hoping there are still a couple left. If not, I will get my nice baby kicks from watching you.

  2. Sherry - I just want you to know that I think you are the most wonderful writer, and that this should become a book someday, if only for your children. Love to all of you, Auntie Gayle