Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Is Summer Really Over?

Uncle Spencer throws CC

CC does not like being thrown

Spencer apologizes
I am trying to hold on to the last of summer. Last year at this time, the girls and I carried buckets of hot water from the tub to the little blue swimming pool trying to make a hot tub! It was worth it and they played in it til the sun went down. I could tell they were cold, they were sinking lower and lower into what was left of the water. We tried to go to Seven Peaks often this summer, thanks to Hannah we made it at least once a week.  Sometimes Laura, Dawn and Jennifer would watch so we could go without the babes. We are buying passes for next year, call me crazy but it is something to do. This is my life. I can sit at home and fret over babies or I can own it and make it work. We can always go home if someone is grumpy. That is the beauty of the Peaks passes, you aren't out any punches if you leave early. Although, I wonder where I can park the limo? Seven Peaks girls can I park at your house for a few dates in the limo?

Spencer, my little brother and his good friend Mikell came and took the girls swimming once. They had so much fun, and Mikell is such a great friend to them.

Sassy lil' girls

Spence tries to prevent the perfect belly flop

Haz, Kell and CC

This girl is fearless
Another quick story: I knew we couldn't go back to Seven Peaks this summer when the following experience happened. We were all happily swimming and I notice CC is missing. I search everywhere. Finally, I run to the First Aid counter trying to remember which swimsuit she is wearing. "I am looking for a little blond girl with curly hair and apples on her suit!" Life guard sitting up front motions behind her, "that her?". CC looks up from coloring, she has a big sticker of a shark on her swim suit and a grin from ear to ear. " Hey mom." Hops off the chair and comes over to me. Greened eyed monster attacks Hazel, "I wish I had a shark sticker. I wish I could color here."

That's it kids we are going home. No one is intentionally getting lost so they can have a shark sticker and coloring page. We are outta here.


  1. You can ALWAYS park your limo at the house! It makes our house look so much more legit, I'm sure :D

  2. Can I say it again? Your blog is a joy.