Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dang the Saline Drip

I am sitting in my hospital bed. Having had a huge stomach surgery. I always swell up like a balloon with the saline drips. I just sit there and watch the drip thinking no, no how much more of this do I need?  All in all, I am doing well. I still don't know what my tummy looks like it is heavily bandaged. For those of you who don't know, I gave birth to 17.8 pounds of babies back in March and it took it's toll on my person.

I had a hernia repair so that I won't look 5 months along with a belly button sticking out and I also had a tummy tuck--that is crazy I, Sherry, a normal person have indulged in a spot of plastic surgery thanks to my insurance they are covering the bill.

If you never thought I looked that far along (5 months along with a belly button sticking out) you probably saw me with wrap or something I wore on Sunday called the miracle suit.  Totally saved me from having to buy all new clothes. It doesn't matter how chubby you are (and I have had my share of chubby), but if you have smooth lines in your silhouette no matter how big you are it makes all the difference.

N8 is coming soon, the nurse will teach us how to empty the drains, then N8 can take me home. Home! With my wonderful family and wonderful mother in law.

I will post non-graphic pictures when the swelling dies down. I think everyone loves a good before and after shot.

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  1. Gee, I really thought I'd seen all your posts. I"m discovering now that I saw none of your surgery stuff. Phooey. Well, glad you're healing well.