Sunday, September 11, 2011

I Don't Swear

 I don't swear, I never have and I have my parents to thank. I remember being profoundly repulsed by a kid on the playground that swore at me in elementary school. I swore once, when walking home from elementary school- my sisters friend was giving me spelling words and I was saying them out loud as she spelled them.

 It is amazing to see how ugly a persons face becomes when they swear, even if I consider that person to be beautiful.

 I am not perfect, and I know I can make other words that are just as ugly and cutting (but more clever) as swearing, however I think that what we say and what we think over time, becomes engraved in our faces and on our hearts. When we get to heaven, we shouldn't have to change who we are to be with God. We should be ready made friends with Him, and it can take some of us a lifetime to become that way, but we will get there.

I think because I posted this, I should probably expect to be tested about this sometime this week.

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