Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Best Salsa

To my well salsa-ed palette, the best salsa is at El Azteca restaurant. It is the sweet and mild. Oh I do hot, not to worry, I know all types of salsa, but the best flavor is there.

There is also a Mexican resto named Lauras Kitchen. They have the best green salsa, well they call it guacamole but it makes no difference in name, it is smooth and runny coats the chip perfectly. I could drink it, I might be willing to part with my soul for those two recipes...


  1. Have you consulted with the neighborhood salsa shaman? Jeanne B., my very own sissy-in-law could possibly duplicate those for you. She has a gift.

  2. This is why as others were gifting you with diapers and onesies I gifted you with chips and salsa!