Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Case for Benevolence

I believe how I treat my older child is how my oldest child treats the children under her. When I snap at her and feel ill tempered, I see her turn right around and lay it on CC. Not fair. If I want kindness in my home. I must show kindness, not just require it.

I believe in many ways the oldest child sets the tone for the other children. My older sister never learned how to dive so none of us did, she ran cross country, so I did etc...

Hazel will use anything she has, for a bow and arrow, I am telling you the girl is fierce

Here is what I have going for me with Hazel running the show. Hazel is brave and daring. She is so good natured. She is super sensitive to me, but when I don't have my game on, she really gets rattled and behaves badly, but she will grow out of it. If she believes in something, she sticks to it with every muscle in her surprisingly muscular body. (The trick will be to get her to choose good beliefs) Hazel protects her family and friends. She is a good teacher. She and CC love to learn. I often hear them talking about letters and trying to figure out spelling.

CCs true nature came out when N8 sent these flowers. She would stand and watch them, stare at them and sigh several times a day. To CCs future man: send flowers!

At the museum after the babies were born, fun for mom and girls to get out!

Hazel and Claire Christine

These goofballs love dressing up

We used to go on a lot of walks. It is so much work to get everyone fed and dressed and out the door. By the time you get everyone fed, the one that was fed first wants to be fed again!! Look at Hazel giving the stinkball face, now look at CC countering it with all her heart. I find it to be the case that when one girl is in the wrong, I have no greater ally in the world than her dear sister. It works both ways, but that rivalry is for another post
I also feel fortunate to have CC as the second sister. We call Hazel "Justice" and CC "Mercy". She is generous and kind. A bit whiny but I think it counters Hazels bossiness nicely. It is not in her nature to speak out of turn, be wild or rude. She is gentle and soft spoken with a wonderful imagination. She is a sweet, mellow kid that loves cuddles and being held. CC protects Hazel. That is interesting, Hazel protect the family, but CC protects her. So tender.

Peace is important to me. So in order for me to have benevolence passed from sibling to sibling. They must have benevolent leaders as their parents. (That doesn't mean we get walked all over).

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  1. Wise words.

    And I also have that problem with needing to be fed again before I can make it out the door.