Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hi Honey, What Did You Do Today?

I thought I would write a list of my normal morning, I could do a whole day, but you'll get the picture after a few lines. Unfortunately, Hazel and CC were with friends for the morning so I don't get to show you how much fun/work/trouble we have together, another day perhaps. So I asked Linda and Amanda good neighbors of mine to help me with Hazel and CC. Once a week they eat breakfast with their family. Mornings are so chaotic you will see, I asked for help and they were willing to throw me a lifeline. Sometimes mornings start at 5am, sometimes 7am, I make no excuses and no apologies. I love this life.

Somedays, I get so much anxiety in the morning, I feel like I am looking over the edge of a huge cliff and I have to jump it over and over again. No one is holding a gun to my head telling me to do any of these things. I love it, I love them I want to. Then why do I get so anxious?

Wake up 
Clothes on H and CC
Send girls to Linda's for breakfast
Shower and get ready
H and CC back
Set them up with a show

Make bottles
Wilson up and wet thru, clean up baby
Quinn up
Bottle Quinn
Hazel comes in, squeezes babies makes them cry, I ask her to come get her fingernails cut, she bails
Change Wilsons clothes
Bottle for Wilson
Pull James out
Bottle James
Change Wilson's blankets
Clean up 2 spit ups on floor
Clean spit up on my bed
Put Quinn and Wilson down
Play with James
Make my bed
Play with James
Eat a handful of nuts
Put away clothes, laundry from last night
Throw out the stinky diapers
Wilsons sheets downstairs to be washed
Start a load of wash
Wash bottles
Convince Haz and CC to make their beds
Stop Hazel from scaring James
Get CC out of N8s closet, trying on shoes, pulling out "outfits for dad"
Do their hairdos
Hazel chooses to play in back yard til Tori comes

Hazel brings in a roly poly
Sylvia comes for play date with Tori, takes girls
What to make for dinner?
Put away books and toys and hair do kit girls brought out
Answer the phone 2 times
Windex shelves with dust
Dust ceiling fan sort of, good enough
Call N8
Make bottles 
Pull James out, nap didn't stick
Refill formula canister
Eat granola
Wilson's nap didn't stick either, hear him talking, pull him out
Front room tummy time for both
Make wilson's bed with new sheets
Pull Quinny out

Nurse Marianne visits to weigh and measure babies, talk about development (1hour)
James goes down

Wilson takes a bottle and goes down
Quinn takes a bottle
Call n8 report on nurse visit
Insurance phone calls
While in hold with insurance comp water dying plants
Bathroom break
N8 home for lunch I take a rest, he holds down the fort

At this point the babies are going down about 7-8pm and waking well, Quinn and James at 5 am for a bottle, Wilson is -a midnight, 4 am, 6am kind of guy. I think we are gonna have to put him in the front room, I am not sure how long we can keep up 2 feeding schedules at night and he is big enough to sleep a little longer than he is sleeping. While I have been recovering, N8 has been doing all the feedings. I don't know how he does so much on so little sleep, but he wants me to get better. I gotta say, he is a wonder to me.


  1. I'm tired just reading your list :) One day you'll wake up, all 5 kids will have dressed and fed themselves, and you'll wonder where the time went. Hang in there baby xoxoxo

  2. You just about scared the life outta me. I read down to 10:00 a.m. and when the first two words I read were: "Nurse Marianne," I thought, "What?! Who's Marianne and why does Sherry have to nurse her? Who snuck in the extra baby?!"

  3. Oh Georgia, I thought the same thing at first read! I just laughed out loud even though I am blogging at 1 am in bed as the hubster is sleeping a foot away :)